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With the constant change in the IT landscape, it is imperative we stay on top of it and advise our client accordingly. We advise on all the available options. The improvement in Cloud computing has enabled cost reduction and scalable solutions for businesses looking to manage applications, store data and more in a remote, secure environment. As a company who has been in cloud computing forefront, we are able to deliver the right solution for you.


Find the right solutions to help you solve your toughest business challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Total Data Recovery

Our solutions help your business stay safe from IT disasters whether it be human error, or any malicious activity. With VTO, we guarantee business continuity defending your business from known and unknown threats.

Managed Services

Tailored Managed Services for companies of all sizes, this simple concept has kept us going all these day.  You don’t have the budget to hire an inhouse person and you don’t have the need to go for a expensive contract.  This is where VTO differs, we are able to provide key services which the client needs.

Custom Application

We design feature-rich software tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our well-seasoned development team has extensive experience in creating custom business-specific tools to ensure continuity and efficiency. Our scalable and flexible solutions keeps business expansion and transformation in mind for seamless transitions.

Camera Surveillance Systems

No business should be left vulnerable to invasion or vandalism. Employing the latest technology, VTO’s state-of-the-art security systems monitor the premises and alert you to any danger that may threaten your business. Don’t leave your livelihood up to chance. Protect your investment with advanced office surveillance.

Industries we work with: Construction, Hospitality, Petroleum companies, Office, Industrial, Education Sectors